National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

V. I. Vernadsky National library of Ukraine  as basic organization for Council of directors of science libraries and information centers of academies of sciences - members of the International association of Academies of sciences, publishes the scientific, theoretical and practical collection of papers “Libraries of national Academies of Sciences: problems of functioning, tendencies of development”. The mission of the edition is to enhance interaction between libraries in solving the most important problems. First volume was published in 2000, since 2003 it is annual edition, but 2017 was marked with two volumes. Total number of volumes are 16.

The International Editorial Board of the edition brings together directors of science libraries of Academies–members of IAAS and its leading researchers. The head of the Editorial board – advisor of Presidium of NAN Ukraine, Academician of NAN Ukraine, Doctor of Philosophy, professor O.S.Onyschenko. The Editorial board elaborates strategy of edition development and forms authors group.

As a result of library social functions evolution new trends of activity increasingly come forward beside traditional educational functions and preservation of cultural heritage. First of all, it is about providing access  to national and world informational networks, databases. It changes drastically traditional library technologies, approaches to users service, character of library interaction with various social institutes and organizations. It influences significantly topics of papers in the edition.

Changes in socio-cultural sphere have reasoned new demands to organization of library activity. Forms and methods of library work in the context of modern demands are under reconsideration now. Along with rubrics which have become traditional for the edition, new ones have appeared: “Science library: transformation of activity directions”, “Library marketing”, “Protection of intellectual property”, “Libraries publishing activity”. “International libraries activity”. Since the 9th issue one could read articles dedicated to jubilees, i.e. the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s birth, the 150th anniversary of Volodymyr Vernadsky’s birth, the 300th anniversary of Mykhaylo Lomonosov’s birth, the 100th anniversary of Information and library council of RAS etc.

Since the edition inception constant group of authors has formed. The authors prepare papers on actual problems related to dynamic development of library informatization, implementation of modern information technologies, improving the methods of preserving and using data in information system of cognitive type. Papers which focuse on issues related to libraries activity in new conditions, attract readers’ special interest. Inter alia, it is about articles of Academy libraries directors: A.I.Aliieva-Kengerli, A.A.Aslitdinova, N.Yu.Berozkina, Sh.J.Ibraimova, M.E.Kalonov, V.Y.Kocere, V.P.Leonov, leading researchers of science libraries.

Issues of improving traditional and implementation of innovative methods of library activity in modern conditions, science and publishing activity of academy libraries, importance of international book change, educational activity, are aimed at raising library image in informational society and are under discussion on the edition pages. Authors present various models of library of future time, the whole course of science as it reflects in researchers’ bibliometric portraits. Materials on traditions and innovations in science and methodic support of libraries activity, and interactive service as an element of distant users system of service are points of special interest for professionals.

Issues of “Libraries of national Academies of Science: problems of functioning, development tendencies” are available on NBUV website, in full-text database “Science periodical of Ukraine”. Information on edition is presented in the Ukrainian reference journal “Dzherelo”, reference database “Ukrainica naukova” and in bibliometric database Google Scholar.